First Class Van

The Mercedes V-Class is particularly suitable for long trips, offering ample space with a high degree of comfort and a variety of seating arrangements. The special chassis features extra space and protection for passengers. With sliding doors on both sides, passengers can get in and out very easily and the adjustable seats can be adapted to their individual needs.
6 people
6 suitcases/3 hand luggage
Bottled water included
Surround Sound
Vehicles have Wi-Fi on board
Smartphone Charger
2 Sliding Doors

Version with Two Rows of Seats

(2 x 3 rear seats)

In this setup, our First Class Van (Mercedes V-Class) offers optimum seating comfort and plenty of loading space for large items of luggage.

Version with Seats Facing Each Other

(2 x 3 rear seats)

This seating arrangement in our First Class Van (Mercedes V-Class) features plenty of legroom, is designed so that all of the passengers can interact, and offers maximum comfort.